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A range of treatments , relaxation, de-stressing or cleansing for mind,body & spirit.





 Chakra Balancing Hot Stone & Crystal Massage (75min)
This ritual awakens energy systems and eliminates any area of tension or imbalance throughout your body for optimum relaxation and well being benefits.


 Full Body Hot Stone Massage (90min)
 Hot Stone Back Massage (45min)

Deeply relaxing,sedating massage which helps relieve anxiety and tension. Also improves sleep and muscle relaxation.

 DeStress Muscle Release (60min)
A deeper massage to release pain and tension. Working on the arms, legs and back.

 Full Body Massage (60min)
Swedish massage stimulating or relaxing, increasing lymphatic flow, relaxes tense muscles promoting a sense of well being and relaxation.

 Back & Scalp Massage (45min)  £25.00  
 Back Massage (30min)  £25.00  
 Leg Massage (25 min) £23.00  

 Head & Shoulder Massage (30)

 Indian Head Massage (45min)
A relaxing massage inc. upper back, neck, arms, scalp and face. Great for stress reduction and relaxation.

 Reflexology (45min)
Stimulation of the nerve endings and blood flow. Unblocks energy pathways and balances the body.

 Hopi Ear Candles (45min)
A relaxing treatment that can help stress, hay fever, sore throats, compacted ear wax, headaches and migraines.
 Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (80min)
 Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (60 min)
 Aromatherapy Back & Scalp Massage (45min)
Real Aromatherapy massage combines the power of pure essential oils with a specialised massage drawn from the traditions of both East and West, concentrating on the back, scalp, face, neck, shoulders and feet.
 Full Body scrub & massage (60 min)  £45.00  
 Full Body scrub  (30 min) £25.00  
 Lava Shell Full Body Massage (60mins)
A relaxing treatment using heated shells,
 Lava Shell Back Massage (30mins)  £35.00  

Massage & Holistic
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