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How long should my hair be to wax it?
1/2cm long.   Basically if you have been waxing leave it to grow for 4 weeks.   If you have been shaving leave it to grow for 2 weeks.

Should I trim before I come?
No, leave that to us.   You may trim it too short or worse still, cut yourself!

What underwear should I wear?
That depends.   Your worst undies always because you will get talc and possibly wax on them.   Keep your knickers small for bikini line waxes but if it's a Brazilian you're after you will need to remove them anyway.

What's the difference between all these fancy bikini line waxes?
A basic bikini line wax is just waxing the hairs outside of the normal pair of knickers.
A G-string wax is the same only waxing the hairs outside of a thong/G-string.
A Brazilian wax is leaving only a strip of hair at the front.   All the hair from the underneath and the back is removed.   The size and shape is left up to you.
A Hollywood wax is removing everything - even the Brazilian strip.

So, how long before my holiday/special occasion should I get a wax?
As close as you can really,   a   day or two before.   This wax is great for sensitive skins.   The redness will go down very quickly afterwards.   Even for the most sensitive skin the maximum time the redness would last should be 24 hours.

Why can't I find Hot Wax in every salon?
This method was around for years before warm wax or strip wax as it is more commonly known.   When strip wax came into the beauty industry everyone marvelled at how much more economical it was for there business.   It didn't take long for the Hot wax to die out, particularly as traditionally it was recycled and as we became more health conscious obviously this was frowned upon.   Thankfully there were a few salons that just didn't want to change to strip waxing and so there are a small number of therapists, like myself, that are trained in this dying art.   So...I am here to offer it to you!   I use the best quality wax on the market and I only ever use fresh, clean wax.